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Working and Giving Together

Through June and early July, we talked a lot about Missions Day Offering, our largest annual fundraising event. Almost a month later, even though some of the totals are still being counted, we’ve put together an overview of how the parts of MDO fit together into a whole. Many thanks again to everyone who gave, or raised funds for this year’s Missions Day Offering. We thank God for the generosity and faithfulness of our partners.

Touchstone Donations – $79,500 / 25.8% Touchstone Donors are a group of people who have joined in RMM’s work with major financial support in an ongoing way. We are so grateful for these partners and the investment that they make in the work of inviting the nations to worship Jesus.

Ride for Missions – $168,200 / 54.6% This year was the 10th anniversary of Ride for Missions! Every year, a group of riders makes a five-day bicycle trek to the location of CMC’s annual conference. Each rider raises money by inviting friends and family to sponsor the ride, which is also supported by corporate sponsors. This year, 97 riders and 20 support volunteers participated in the ride, which raised $160,000. Ride for Missions is a great way to get involved in supporting missions!

Rosedale Missions Cruisers – $7,100 / 2.3% This is a recent, growing addition to the fundraising activities surrounding Missions Day Offering. This year, 20 motorcyclists spent a day riding approximately 120 miles through scenic Holmes and Wayne counties near Hartville, the location of annual conference, and stopping at area attractions. Each rider paid a registration fee which went directly to RMM. Ride expenses were covered by generous donations from corporate sponsors.

Sunday Morning Offering – $53,500 / 17.3% These funds come from the traditional passing of the offering plate through the congregation during the Sunday morning Missions Day program at annual conference. RMM is the missions agency of CMC, and the people of CMC gave generously to support RMM’s work around the world.

We’re so grateful for everyone who was a part of these fundraising efforts!

If you’d like to use your gifts and talents to support spreading the gospel, but don’t like riding bicycles or motorcycles, we’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas for future fundraisers.

If you would like to donate to RMM’s work or become involved in any other way, click here