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Taught by God

Last Saturday I attended a conference at which we spent a few minutes reflecting on some verses from John 6, where Jesus quotes Isaiah, saying, “They will all be taught by God.” That concept isn’t one I’d thought much about before. Sure, I knew that Jesus was an amazing rabbi (teacher), and that the Holy Spirit is described as one who “will teach you all things,” and I hear people say things like “God has been teaching me to be patient.” But God the Teacher hadn’t really been on my radar.

“They will all be taught by God.” What is Jesus saying here? What sorts of things does God the Teacher teach us? Jesus doesn’t go on to say exactly what God teaches, he simply says what happens to people who listen and learn from him: “Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him comes to me.” God the Teacher enables us to come to Jesus.

As I reflected further, I realized I have been hearing of this happening in lives all around me. Yesterday I heard how God has been teaching some in North Africa, who until recently had been isolated from the truth, that Jesus is far more than just a prophet. One by one, God the Teacher is enabling them to come to Jesus.

I also think of Aaron’s story. Less than a year ago, Aaron got serious about listening and learning from God and came to Jesus. Aaron is a young man from our church family who is currently serving a few years in prison. It’s been amazing to watch how Jesus is transforming his life. Last week I learned that Aaron continues to maintain the perspective that while he’s in prison, God wants him to be a missionary. He wasn’t surprised that recently God the Teacher enabled his atheist friend to come to Jesus.

“We don’t outgrow our need to come to Jesus, or get so wise and mature that God doesn’t teach us anymore.”We don’t outgrow our need to come to Jesus, or get so wise and mature that God doesn’t teach us anymore. I learned a few weeks ago about a young couple in one of our CMC churches who recently completed the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course in their community. Through that experience, they sensed God teaching them new things about what coming to Jesus looks like for them. Even though they are deeply rooted in their community and church, God seems to be calling them out of that place. As God the Teacher enables them to come to Jesus in a new way, they hope to go to a place where millions have not been exposed to the gospel.

If God the Teacher teaches us to come to Jesus, then coming to Jesus must be a pretty big deal. Maybe it’s because Jesus shows us who God is and what he’s like: he’s the only one who has seen the Father. He’s the only one who can feed us bread from heaven that enables us to live forever. I can see that I need to keep coming to Jesus, so I think I’m going to keep learning from God the Teacher!