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Introducing Our New Staff Writer

RMM welcomes Hans Shenk who joins the Communications Department as staff writer on May 11. He is taking over the position from Candice who is returning to Thailand as a worker. While Hans is just starting as part-time staff writer, he has multiple connections already at RMM! His wife Courtney works in the SEND Department as assistant director and Hans has participated in REACH in the past; he was on the Himalayas team in 2010. His best memories from that time involve: dancing with children from the church, helping to run youth conferences, and speaking in local churches.

These days, Hans is an OSU student finishing his degree in Communications and Philosophy. For his communications internship this spring, he was able to work several hours a week at RMM and gain experience writing and editing for the Communications Department. Hans has previously written for CMC’s Beacon, was a contributing editor of the now-defunct Rosedale Bible College student newspaper The Camel, and has contributed several short works of fiction to the online literary magazine The Sacred Cow. He hopes to be a bridge between mission workers in the field, and the church in the United States and to help churches become excited about spreading and fulfilling the good news of God’s kingdom at home and abroad. Hans and Courtney live in Plain City and are a part of the Cornerstone Mennonite Fellowship where Hans regularly leads worship, occasionally preaches, and participates in children’s ministry as an Associate of the Awesome Bob and Associates theater team. In his free time, Hans reads, writes, plays guitar, plays soccer, and seeks adventure. Thanks for your prayers for Hans as he adjusts to a new position, manages a busy schedule of work and finishing school, and tries to communicate effectively about what God is doing and how we can participate. Welcome to the team, Hans!