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Welcome to My World

A day in the life of Thailand team member, Rhonda

Each morning, Monday through Friday, I wake up bright and early at 5:30 to get ready for language school. I went to language school when I was in Thailand before, but now I am learning to read and write. My husband, Nixson, gets up with me every morning so we can eat breakfast together, then takes me to the end of the street on our motorcycle. Our house is pretty far away from the main road, and there is no public transportation that passes the village where we live.

I take a “songtaew,” which is like a pick-up truck with benches in the back, to the Skytrain station. It takes me about 15 minutes to get to the station.

I get on the Skytrain with the masses of people heading to central Bangkok to work or study. Everybody silently rushes in to fight for a seat, and the train gets packed full. Almost everyone plays on their phones or tablets while we make the trip into the city. I am on the train for about 30 minutes, and then I walk about 10 minutes to the school.

Thai class starts at 8:00. My teacher loves teaching and does a great job at keeping class interesting and exciting. I am really enjoying learning to read and write Thai, and feel like it is opening a whole new world to me.

I love my class! Each module, or level, is 20 days, so we have the same classmates and teacher for 20 days, and then we move up a class and have different teachers. I am planning to study at least three levels, for basic reading and writing.

At 12:00 class ends, and I walk back to the Skytrain station, ride the Skytrain, and take the songtaew back to our street.

Nixson meets me at the end of our street to eat lunch with me. Today I am eating “Prik Pao Muu,” pork stir-fried in chili paste with some veggies, and a fried egg on the side. It is one of my favorite Thai dishes. Then we head home.

After showering and cooling down, I read my Bible and work on my Thai homework. I don’t usually have a lot of homework, but I spend a lot of time memorizing what we learn each day.

Every day at the end of class we do dictation in Thai. The teacher corrects it and if we misspelled any words, we have to write them four times the next day. This is my dictation from yesterday.

In the evening, Nixson teaches English to our landlord at our house. Today while he is teaching, our neighbor, Ban Ban, comes over to play.

I go outside the front of our house to play with Ban Ban. We sit at the picnic table and color together.

When we finish coloring, we make animals out of clothespins and colored pencils. It seems that every kid that comes to our house loves to play with the clothespins. Maybe it’s because we have no other toys!

After Ban Ban leaves I go inside and wait until English class ends. I practice reading my Thai children’s Bible. I figured this would be an easier place to start than the adult Bible.

When English class ends, Nixson and I again go out to eat supper. On evenings when he doesn’t teach English, I usually make food at home. But when he teaches, it is easier just to go buy some delicious, cheap street food. Tonight we are having “Muu Briaw Waan” (sweet and sour pork) and “Pat Pongaree” (a fried yellow curry).

After eating supper, we spend some time talking and watching TV to wind down, then head to bed, so that we can get up at 5:30 the next morning.

Please pray for our landlord and our neighbors as we build relationships with them. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be working in their hearts, and that they would see Jesus through us. Pray for wisdom for us as we interact and share with them.