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Hello from Sunny Costa Rica!

Liz is an associated worker with RMM. She is working as an assistant director of Vida 220, a discipleship training school based in Talamanca. She is mentoring students, working with local children and building friendships and discipling relationships with university students. She is from Plain City, Ohio and her sending church is Agape Community Fellowship.

Hello from sunny, warm Costa Rica! It's hard to believe how quickly the time has gone since I left Ohio back in September.

We are in the second to last week of Vida220 training Right now Elam Stauffer is with us teaching on the spiritual disciplines. We have a great group of students here, and it's been really fun getting to know each of them. There are four from the Hartville area in Ohio, two from Mexico, and six from Costa Rica—three of which are from the indigenous reserve where one of VidaNet's bases is located and where Vida220 training is held.

My days are full and busy here with translating, teaching English, building relationships with the students, administrative things, and maintaining a close relationship with Jesus. I often feel like there simply are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want and need to do. So, I'm in a constant search for balance as well as discernment to determine which things need to be priorities and which things can be pushed off for one more day. It's definitely a growing experience!

A few weeks ago a pastor from Kentucky came to teach on the Holy Spirit, and we all experienced so many wonderful things. Tuesday evening was the strongest time for me personally, and I want to share a little bit of what happened just to give testimony to God's power and goodness! We saw at least six miraculous healings happen within the group. Two people were healed of relatively serious injuries that had happened throughout the course of the week (a head and neck injury and the effects of an electric shock), one was healed of a pinched sciatic nerve, and at least three others were healed of minor aches and pains that they had been experiencing. I personally received healing in my lower back, which has frequently bothered me for years now, and it's been 100% great since then. I was honestly taken by surprise when it happened because I had never personally received healing like that before. I later realized that it was probably because I had never asked for it. After all, the Bible does says, "You have not, because you ask not" and "ask and you will receive." What I liked most about that evening was that it wasn't just one person doing all of the praying, instead we all prayed for each other. I think many times things like this come across as one person having this super connection with God and only that person can pray for healing. But God uses whoever he decides to use. In this case he chose to use brand new Christians who had never seen or experienced anything like this in their lives to minister to other Christians who might be seen as "more spiritual" or more mature in their faith. God is good and wise and he definitely works in mysterious ways!

I really appreciate your continued prayers for the students and leaders of Vida220 as well as for the leaders of VidaNet, Thank you and God bless you!