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From San Jeronimo to Bangkok

RMM workers were first asked to come to Jonatan’s village, San Jeronimo, Nicaragua, during a severe drought in 1976 in the hope of being able to secure a water source for the village. They presented Christ, the source of Living Water, to Jonatan’s grandfather who became one of the first believers in this village, and his family later also accepted Christ. Never underestimate what God will do with a drought and a cup of water.

Jonatan felt the call to missions at the age of sixteen and began dreaming and working for when this time would come. Preparation to go overseas required finishing high school. Because there was no high school in his village, Jonatan would get up at 3:00 a.m. once a week to either ride a horse or walk, traveling three hours (each way) for five years to the town which offered a high school education. Jonatan also received Christian education courses which were taught by his father, who is a pastor.

Jonatan plans to go to Thailand in early 2015 to work with the LAMP (Latin American Missions Partnership) and RMM Thailand team already in Bangkok. The Nicaraguan churches have been raising money for Jonatan whose first year budget is around $13,000. This has been especially difficult because this area, already known for its dry climate, has been hit with the most severe drought since 1976. The farmers have lost their complete first crop (which is normally their biggest) and many animals have died as well.

We thank God for Jonatan’s calling to Thailand. With your help, we want to gather around our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua during this time and assist them in sending Jonatan to Thailand.

Help Send Jonatan

To help send Jonatan to Thailand and support other LAMP initiatives, you can contribution online at donate.rmmweb.org. You can also make a check payable to RMM and mail to 9920 Rosedale Milford Center Rd, Irwin, OH, 43029. Designate your contribution for “LAMP/Jonatan.”