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Preparing Workers to Join the Thailand Team

By Rhonda

Rhonda and Nixson are visiting Nicaragua for about three months, spending time with Nixson’s family and reconnecting with the churches who would like to send workers to Thailand. They plan to return to work in Thailand in January 2015.

We've been quite busy since arriving in Nicaragua, and the times that we are with family and able to relax, we don't have internet access. So I'm finally sending an update!

Here are some of the things we've been up to...

On October 6, Nixson led a discipleship seminar for the youth at his home church in El Balsamo. There were about 20 participants.

We attended the national pastor's conference and meetings and were asked to give an update about our ministry in Thailand.

The new missions candidates were also introduced to all the pastors.

After the pastors meetings, we had a seminar for all the missions candidates that could make it. Nixson shared about the calling God places on people's lives and about his experience working in Thailand, as well as some of the methods we use in contextualizing planting Thai churches.

We sang some Thai songs and I taught them the motions. They loved it!

We also made Thai food for them one evening and ate Thai style. Most of them loved it!

We had a great time getting to know the candidates better and working with the missions committee in Nicaragua.

Larry and Dot Chupp (RMM country representatives to Nicaragua) were in Nicaragua for the pastor's meetings and seminar. After that we did some traveling with them. Jonathan (in the blue shirt), has been preparing for missionary work in Thailand for about three years now. We are hoping he will be able to travel to Thailand with us in January. While Larry and Dot were in Nicaragua, we went to visit Jonathan's family, as well as Nixson's family later. We had a wonderful time with the Chupps while they were here.

We were also planning to visit Jonathan's church and Nixson's church, but we weren't able to do either because of rain. The day we traveled to Jonathan's community, we drove together with Larry and Dot in our car. Because of rain, the river that crosses the road was too full for us to cross in the car. The bus had crossed just ahead of us, so Nixson and I decided to walk across and ride the bus the rest of the way, so that we could be there in time for church because Nixson was planning to preach. Larry and Dot decided that they would wait until it stopped raining and the river went down to drive the rest of the way, which they did. It ended up raining so much though that they canceled the church service. And the next day, when we planned to go to Nixson's church, it rained so much again that the river by Nixson's house was too full for us to cross to get to church! It was a little disappointing, but we were all safe and we had a great trip in spite of all the rain.

We are planning to travel to Costa Rica in a few weeks to do a seminar there. After that, Tom, the Asia regional director from RMM, will be here, and we will have another seminar with the candidates, as well doing some traveling with Tom.

Thank you for your prayers for Rhonda and Nixson as they help prepare workers to join the team in Thailand. Praise God for the way he is calling many people to go! If you’d like to hear more about Rhonda and Nixson’s work and life, visit their blog here. They are currently working on raising funds for their term in Thailand, so if you’d like to partner with them, visit www.donate.rmmweb.org.