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Praise from our friend Pon

By Tom,* RMM Asia regional director

Pon is a young friend from a neighboring country who came to know Jesus through the RMM team in Bangkok. Several years ago he returned to his home country and now lives in the capital city, Vientiane. He's gotten married and he and his wife, Nam, are expecting their first child in February! God has been blessing Pon in many ways over the last few years. During a recent visit, Pon excitedly shared with us about how he's seen God at work in and through his sushi business. When he started selling sushi, he wasn't sure that he could make it work. He had only a little capital and even less experience, but he prayed a lot and asked for God’s guidance in all the decisions he had to make. In the past year Pon’s business has begun to grow quickly. He’s opened a second kiosk and in the near future will open a shop where he will sell sushi and other Japanese food. He's quick to give God the credit for this and said that he prays about everything – even small details like the design of his logo. Praise God for all the good gifts God is giving to Pon and pray for continued wisdom for him in managing his business and hiring employees. Pray that those who work with him would be drawn to God through his witness.

*Last name omitted for security reasons.