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Introducing RMM’s New HR Director

By Candice, staff writer

RMM welcomes Colleen as the new HR director as of September 1. Colleen is from Leo, Indiana and Carrol Community Worship Center. She has a long history with RMM, beginning on a REACH team to Israel in 1996, following a year at Rosedale Bible College. After REACH, she served a two-year term as an RMM intern in Ecuador. As she reflects on that experience, she says that God used that time to test her missionary calling and she learned a lot about her ministry giftings. God confirmed to her through her time in Ecuador that he was calling her to longer term mission work. Colleen attended Grace College and earned a BA in Counseling/Psychology and a master’s degree in Intercultural Ministry from Grace Theological Seminary. During seminary, Colleen returned to Ecuador for field work related to church planting and cultural research. During the years that Colleen was discerning with RMM where and when to go into long-term service, she worked in her home area at a crisis pregnancy center, primarily with Hispanic clients.

In 2007, Colleen led a REACH team to Thailand. “It was a more difficult adjustment compared to my other missions experiences,” she remembers, but her calling and love for Thai people began to grow and she returned to Bangkok to join the team as a long-term worker in 2009. While in Thailand, Colleen focused on building relationships and discipling young believers, which is an ongoing ministry focus and passion for her. She also worked in a Thai university as an English teacher. “It was the most challenging and most rewarding experience of my life,” she says. When she returned home to Indiana, she decided to pursue further education in the field of counseling. This past year, she has worked toward earning a master’s degree in Interpersonal Relationships.

Colleen has always loved learning about new cultures and learning languages. She’s fascinated by the way that people express themselves in different languages and how their communication connects to their cultural values. Even as a kid, she loved National Geographic Magazine and was intrigued by how people lived in other cultures. Colleen is a talented language learner and is fluent in both Spanish and Thai.

Colleen is excited to work with RMM again because of her good experiences in the past. She especially wants to be an encouragement and support system for workers on the field. Outgoing HR director, Mim Musser, has been a mentor and friend to Colleen for many years, and Colleen views stepping into this role as a way of giving to others some of the same things she has received from Mim.

Colleen, welcome back to RMM! We’re thankful for the ways God used you in the past and we’re anticipating seeing how he will use you in the future!