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5 Ways People Become Missions Active

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By Andrew Miller, Partner Development Director

Do you want to be more mission minded but feel stuck in your daily life and are too busy to even think about it? A recent study* shows that people who have participated in any of the following five things have become more focused on missions as a result. See if you can work one or more of the following in your life.


Host a missionary in your home. Hosting a missionary in your home helps make not only you but your entire family more aware of what is happening on the field. The stories that missionaries share can touch your heart as you clearly see God’s movement in other parts of the world. We have workers that come to the US on home assignment and travel to different regions in our conference. You can always inquire and see if one of these workers can visit your church and stay in your home.


Read a biography of a famous missionary. Many people have heard of missionary pioneers such as William Carey, Hudson Taylor, and others. When you read the story of one of the pioneers of the modern day mission movement, the dedication that they show to the Great Commission is infectious. Read a book or article and see how it can inspire you to be involved.


Pray for the specific needs of a missionary over time. This is a simple thing you can start to do immediately. You can see some of our workers at RMM’s website and request updates on prayer needs they have recently made. If you follow RMM on Facebook, you will see our status updates which include prayer requests. You can also join a prayer chapter in your area. These are individuals that have chosen to lift up in prayer our workers on the mission field. You can send an email to info@rmmoffice.org to see if there is a prayer chapter in your region. Or better yet, be the person to start one in your area!


Support a missionary you don’t know personally. That may seem a bit different, but this study showed that people who supported missionaries that they didn’t know personally became more involved with mission work. Again, this is something you can start doing by visiting our website and seeing some area of the world that you would like to become involved in. You may then make a contribution to an RMM worker and even set up monthly donations. Their mission can become your mission! Along with that, you can find other ways to support your missionary through contacting our agency.


Go on a short-term mission trip. RMM has short-term mission programs that can introduce you first-hand to the work that is going on in other parts of the world. REACH is a one-year program with three months of discipleship training followed by outreach. REACH can transform your life through Bible teachings, hands-on ministry, and team participation. City Challenge is a five-day program in summer for youth groups that will engross young people in urban ministry. These are life-changing programs that have greatly influenced past participants.

*Study by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, via Mission Increase Foundation.