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Ready for New Things?

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Opportunities Abound!

By Candice, Tom and Jay*

Has God planted a love in your heart for other cultures? When you hear the stories from mission workers about buying noodles from a vendor, planting seeds with local farmers, or visiting with friends over tea, do you get that “homesick for the bigger world” feeling? Is it possible that God has given you that love for culture so that you can transplant yourself into another county and share Jesus with people who need him? Maybe you’ve already had a short-term missions experience that God keeps bringing back to your mind or maybe there is a people group who have been on your heart and in your prayers for a long time. If God is tugging at your heart about doing something new for him, we have a several opportunities at RMM for you. We are currently seeking workers for the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, and Thailand.

"If God is tugging at your heart about doing something new for him, we have a several opportunities at RMM for you."As you may know, we (Tom and Candice) are planning to rejoin the team in Bangkok in the summer of 2015. During our time in the U.S, we are seeking more teammates to join the work. We are so deeply thankful for what God has already done in calling the Esh family to be a part of the team. We’re also thankful for the other individuals and couples that God has called Bangkok. We still need you! Now is a great time to join the team, because we can be on the journey of preparation with you. We are currently seeking university students to attend Bangkok’s internationally recognized universities and to make disciples on those campuses. We’re seeking English teachers who can meet a felt need by teaching in all kinds of classroom and tutoring settings. We’re looking for disciplers who will commit to coming long-term and being a part of this work which requires a long view and commitment to relationships. If you’re a business person, consider starting a business in Bangkok, building relationships with Thai seekers, and relating with our team. Thai Buddhists need to hear the Good News in a way that makes sense to them. Think about studying their language and culture in order to walk alongside friends on a faith journey.

Jay Martin,* Mediterranean regional director, is also currently seeking workers for Spain, the Middle East and North Africa. We are looking for people who are committed to making disciples among the nations that are still unreached by the Good News of the kingdom. Penetrating these last frontiers for the kingdom of God is difficult but not impossible. We need workers who are willing to leave family and comforts behind in order to inherit new brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts in their new homelands. Spain is willing to give religious workers visas for those who come to work in full-time ministry. North Africa, in particular, is a place where development workers can put their skills to good use. Community health educators, ag specialists, and physical therapist assistants are finding opportunities to make a difference in rural communities among the local people. In virtually all of the countries we serve, there is an open door for English teachers at all levels: kindergarten through university. There are opportunities to be classroom teachers or math and science teachers in English language elementary and high schools. And there are opportunities to study at quality universities in the region as well. Multi-year residence permits are easily obtained in the Middle Eastern country we are working in. In addition to long-term assignments, we are also open to sending interns for a year or two. Opportunities abound for those who are willing to commit the time and effort to learn a new language and way of life… in order that others may learn and live under the reign of Christ.

If you’d like to explore joining the team in Thailand, please get in touch with Tom and Candice at tomcandice@gmail.com or call 614-512-7232. If your interest is in Spain, North Africa or the Middle East, contact Jay Martin at wjmwjm333@gmail.com or call 574-238-4874. Talk to your pastor or church mission team about helping to discern your call to missions. At CMC’s Annual Conference in New York this year, we are planning to have some location-specific meetings and times of prayer. We’d love to have you join us to discern if this is the right time and which is the right team for you.

*Name changed for security reasons.