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Pray for My Friend

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By Pablo, RMM worker in Spain

Names changed for security reasons.

I met Jorge about three and a half years ago at a restaurant owned and run by an English friend. He and his wife, Christina, had been in Granada for nearly a year and hadn't gotten to know many people yet. He's legally blind, a combination of albinism, and having meningitis at three- months old, after which his eyes never developed normally. Jorge was born in northwestern Spain, but moved to England when he was a teenager where he finished his education, married and worked for most of his adult life. In spite of his limited vision, he's traveled extensively. He has three grown children with his ex-wife, who all live in England.

We kind of hit it off from the beginning, having a number of things in common, including a love for music. We introduced Jorge and Christina to some of our friends from the choir and have been back and forth quite a bit with this group, having meals, attending concerts and doing other activities together. Jorge, along with Timoteo and me, hiked a week together on the Camino de Santiago in October 2013. In April 2014, Jorge and I went back for another week. Timoteo was unable to go for health reasons.

We've done a lot of walking together in the mornings and have talked about lots of things, including quite personal issues and faith. Jorge is very bright, has an exceptional memory, and is typically modern in thought and philosophy. He's skeptical about religion, but interested in having a personal faith, yet unsure as to how to go about it. Faith is not always rational, and Jorge is a rational thinker. I'm often at a loss to know what to say, but yet see in him the qualities that give me hope. If he were to have a genuine encounter with God and be transformed, he could have an amazing impact on the many people he knows.

Prayer points:

  • Pray that Jorge would embrace faith, though not fully understanding it
  • Pray he will grow in grace and in the knowledge of God and his Word
  • Pray for him as he deals with guilt
  • Pray for reconciliation with his children, relationship with current spouse, retirement plans
  • In general, a genuine encounter with God and subsequent transformation