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With Sadness, Nervousness, and Excitement

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A letter from Joe and Lynn*

What an incredible experience! Two and a half years ago we set out on an adventure and only God knew the outcome. In the last few years while living in Bangkok, God has brought amazing people and experiences into our lives. We have deep, meaningful friendships with both Thai and foreign friends and we have seen God use us and work through those friendships. The way we saw God work most clearly, was in our friendship with Khruu. In the last seven months Khruu moved into our home and lived with us. She was suffering physical abuse at the hands of her ex-husband and we were able to offer her a safe and loving home. She is family now. We had many conversations with her about faith, Jesus, and life. She now calls herself half-Buddhist and half-Christian. We pray that she continues her journey toward Christ. She has now gotten back on her feet and is in a nice apartment and seems to have found joy in her life.

"Friends like this made the decision
to return home a difficult one."
In the same time frame, I (Joe) started meeting with a Swedish atheist friend to talk about scripture. He came to me wanting to learn and know more about the Bible. He wasn’t trying to refute scripture or convert but wants to understand it better. He and I have had continual conversations about the Bible, Jesus, church, atheism, and everything in between. It has been exciting to see his interest piqued. I keep praying for my friend. I pray that his curiosity opens him up to the things of God and that he meets Jesus in his searching. Friends like this made the decision to return home a difficult one.

Our term ended with RMM this spring and in the past few months we were weighing our options and seeking God's leading. Without going into all the personal details, we felt it was in our family's best interest to come home. We asked God to let our son be our barometer. We wanted God to speak to us through him to tell us whether we should stay or go. It became abundantly clear when we reflected on the last six months or so that it was time to come back to Ohio. We need to be able to give him some of the things that he needs and the reality is we need the support of our family and friends as we help him. So it is with sadness, nervousness, and excitement that we return. We appreciate all the prayers and support over the last couple years. It has meant a lot to us. Please keep us in your prayers as we still need to find work and figure out the details of our transition. Pray for us as we walk through culture shock and try to find our place to fit in back in the States. And pray for our friends in Thailand, that they will meet with God. Thank you again.

Joe, Lynn and Brennan

Note from RMM’s Asia regional director: Joe, Lynn, and Brennan returned to Ohio in March, 2014. We’ve appreciated Joe and Lynn's contribution to God's work in Thailand over the past two-and-a-half years. They learned the language well and formed deep and natural relationships with many people. We trust that the many seeds they've planted will continue to germinate and grow. Pray for them as they walk through this transition time.

*Last name omitted for security reasons.