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Why We Attend BOOST

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By Larry and Dot Chupp

Every year, sometime in March, there is a gathering of business people, pastors, and others at BOOST, a business retreat sponsored by Conservative Mennonite Conference, Rosedale Mennonite Missions, and Rosedale Bible College. Over the past nine years we have attended eight times. We love being there and always make sure it is on our calendar. The retreat normally starts on Thursday evening and ends Saturday noon. Here are some of the reasons we make it a priority and suggest you do as well.

We are so grateful for the relationships we have made over the years at BOOST. Each year we look forward to seeing those we met there in the past and have had the privilege of building relationships with. We find the camaraderie very fulfilling. We also look forward to seeing new people in attendance and gaining new friends. We have found ways to connect on many levels in addition to business. Fellowship is enhanced because this retreat is rooted in the teachings of Christ. This alone sets it apart from secular business seminars and retreats where God is not the center. Each day opens with a devotional and we see this as a strong asset to the retreat as we are called to focus on God.

"...this retreat is rooted in the teachings of Christ. This alone sets it apart from secular business seminars and retreats where God is not the center."

Each year the speakers and workshop leaders bring a wealth of input on a variety of business-related subjects which serves to make us better. This past year’s keynote speaker, Joel Barkman from Golden Rule Builders, was no exception. It’s important to us to keep learning, growing, and stretching. When leaders get better everyone wins, so sharpening our skill sets is high on our list of priorities. We believe BOOST helps us learn to serve people and see them grow. We are convinced that an organization will only be as healthy as its leadership. Thus one of our goals for attending is to become healthier in our business or work environment so the organization we are with can also benefit.

Why should we spend our money to attend BOOST? May we share a personal observation? There were years when it was somewhat of a financial sacrifice to attend BOOST, especially if it wasn’t held in our community. We don’t readily recall the yearly costs of attending BOOST over the past nine years but there are many memorable concepts we learned which helped us not only in business but in other areas of our lives as well. We learned our business lives and the other areas of our lives are complexly integrated. What occurs in one area of life affects all the other areas as well. The idea that “what happens at work stays at work” is a myth.

The fellowship and support from others in business has been encouraging. It is so easy to think we are alone when we go through certain experiences but an event like BOOST provides a way for us to interact with others who face issues similar to ours. Gaining insight from another perspective is sometimes invaluable. We recently sold our share of the business we owned to the other shareholders, but we still plan to attend BOOST every year because we believe in it. We see it as important to pass on and share our experiences as business people who happen to be Christians, not only to other Christians but the rest of the world as well. Secular studies show that businesses run on Biblical principles have a decided advantage at success in the marketplace. Our job description as Christians is to teach these principles to a broken and hurting world and we see BOOST as one avenue in helping achieve this.