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Reaching a Wider Audience

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A note from Esta, an RMM worker in the Middle East, about an exciting new opportunity for the plays that she writes and directs to reach a wider audience…

Every year from October through June, youth from the Protestant churches gather monthly in a group they call Youth for Christ. Each meeting consists of worship, a drama, prayer (usually for a region of the country), and a guest (usually a pastor) who shares with the group. This group was started, and is run by, young local believers. All last season, the meetings were filmed by the one Christian television station in the country. This year those recordings are being broadcast every Sunday at different times. This is a national television station so the programs are broadcast nationwide. Thanks to outside funds, Youth for Christ has obtained their own good quality camera this season and continue to film each meeting. This way, the meetings can continue to be broadcast next year, assuming the quality is good enough. I’m happy that the plays will be seen and that many will hear the message, and also that viewers can see how theater can be used in their gatherings.

Please pray for Esta, for creativity from the Holy Spirit in sharing the Good News in her plays. Thank you for being a partner in her work!  

*Name changed and country name omitted for security reasons.