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Cultural Snapshot: Unexpected Guests

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By Sarah, serving in North Africa

We enjoyed hosting friends from another town this weekend. We had invited an extended family that we have become close to over our years there, but had no idea that they would literally bring the whole family! Josiah called from the taxi station to say that there were twelve people coming and I immediately thought: we might need to get more chicken. They arrived, however, with food in hand (four chickens stuffed with noodles) and we were set for lunch only needing to make salads, breads and fruit for dessert. They immediately made their way to the terrace to enjoy the sun and we served tea and coffeecake before part of the group left for an outing to the forest.

After returning, we enjoyed lunch together with lots of laughing and story-telling. There was a lot of sparring going on between the son-in-law and grandmother of the family, who took it with her great sense of humor. After strawberry shortcake and coffee, everyone left for the mountains to enjoy some sledding. Even the grandmother and her step-mother, both of whom are probably in their eighties, took several turns going down. Everyone seemed to have a great time and we are thankful for such good friends who travel to see us!