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Reflections on the Middle East Summit

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By Regional Director Jay Martin*

In January of this year, a group of CMC and RMM leaders gathered in the Middle East to meet with our missionaries. We reflected together on what God has been doing in this country and listened to his voice about our future in this country. We visited a number of believers and churches in cities in the southeast part of the country. We listened, we interceded, we dreamed, and we studied the Word together in an upper room in the capital city. We are deeply grateful for reports of how God has raised up a young church in the past few decades. Since the year 2000 the number of evangelical churches has grown from 55 to 135. RMM has been a small but significant part of that work of God in raising up a church in that country. We left with a renewed vision to send a new generation of workers! The door is still open for North American Christians to live and work in this country. These are volatile times in the region. The very foundations of government and religious systems are being shaken in these days. I believe that the small and young church is poised to declare in both word and deed an unshakable kingdom of the Prince of Peace to those who are becoming disillusioned with Islam and political power.

Would you join us in prayer for our workers in this country and new workers, (teachers, disciplers, students,etc.) to walk with the growing church in declaring the kingdom of God.

*Place name omitted and author name changed for security reasons.