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New Workers for the Harvest in Thailand

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RMM is happy to announce the appointment of Conrad and Vicki Esh as workers to Thailand! They will be joining the RMM team that is working at church-planting in Bangkok. Conrad and Vicki are the parents of three daughters: Lydia, Bryn and Ellie. Conrad and Vicki currently live in Urbana, OH. Conrad is the pastor of Crossway Vineyard Church and Vicki is a full-time graduate student studying Intercultural Ministry. Their projected departure date is January 2015.

Praise God with us for these workers and please keep them in your prayers during this intense time in their lives.

A few current prayer requests from Conrad and Vicki:

  1. Pray for buyers for the houses we are trying to sell before our departure and for smooth transactions.
  2. Pray that Crossway can find a new pastor that meets the needs of the congregation.
  3. Pray that the remainder of Vicki's studies go smoothly. She would like to be finished with school before departing.
  4. Pray that our daughters will continue to experience peace during these months of transition.

If you would like to support Conrad and Vicki you can make an online donation here, or contact RMM at info@rmmoffice.org or 740-857-1366 for more ways to get involved.