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Update from Team Himalayas

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By Eric*

I just love where we're at as a team right now. But on to what we're doing: we're mainly just taking it easy here in capital city* after our time in the East for the youth conference. And it's been really good for all of us to recharge.

The main event this week was the three-day youth conference. We were asked to play some songs and lead worship each of the three days, and so we practiced what we could and however we could, with only a guitar to use. We left on Wednesday morning and got there in the evening, pretty much right as the conference started. Zach was pretty sick on the second day, so Brennan played guitar and a local friend had to fill in on drums last minute. Also I didn't get to help for the first two days since they didn't have a keyboard onstage. On the third day, though, they got one set up and pretty much made my day.

Basic overview of the conference: the first day was several bands leading songs and some speaking for an evening. The second day was worship, a talent show, more worship, and speaking. The third day consisted of a really good time of open, true worship, a couple of dances, and some speakers, and the conference ended in the afternoon.

We left for P. soon after, riding on a bus through the mountains. A friend let me listen to music on his phone on the way back and it was simply a really good time of worshipping God through music as we drove through the mountains as the sun just started to set. We then spent the night there with some of the friends from the youth conference. We ate, talked, explored, bought some stuff, and a couple of us walked around the lakeside with some of them the next morning. We left for the capital the next morning and got there in the afternoon.

Since then, we've taken some time to relax, had one-on-ones with Brennan, had our first Life Transformation Group as guys since we've been here, debriefed twice, and watched a super-challenging Francis Chan video as a team. He talked about a lot of things, mainly on how the American church tends to miss the point sometimes; how we don't usually compare to the Christ-followers in Acts. I'm still thinking about it a lot.

One thing that really stuck out to me was how he talked about a college student who got kicked out of his apartment. When he asked why, he was told that he had been letting homeless people sleep in his apartment. And Chan spoke of another who stopped living in an apartment, started living in his car, and used the leftover apartment rental money that he now had in order to help the poor. Crazy. Do I have the courage to do that? Honestly, probably not. And that scares me because I know it's the better thing to do, that Jesus talked about caring for the poor. Especially since the other day in P., there was a kid who poked me and put his hand to his mouth—universal signal for food. I was thinking he was maybe a fake. But what if he wasn't? Did it even matter if he wasn't? God still calls me to help the poor.

And so that's been on my mind a lot. Personally, I'm doing a lot of thinking and have had better times with God than I have in a while here in the city. I've also grown to appreciate music and worship so much since the conference (plus they have a keyboard here in the house that we can use so that's pretty much awesome). I'm just doing really well overall. I'm seriously just smiling as I type this.

Prayer requests:

  • Love.
  • Continued unity, between us, between the Christians here.
  • Some of us are having a harder time scheduling time with God now that we're taking it easy a little bit more.
  • We also talked about being more open and asking each other how we're doing spiritually more often.
  • I met a guy named Sewak on the bus a couple of weeks ago who I got to talk to a bit and he basically has the mindset that all religions are the same, and that's that, so please pray for him.

*Last names and place names omitted for security reasons.