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Hey Kids! Your invitation to the Prayer Gathering

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By Irma Chon

Hey kids! I'm looking forward to spending time with you and "Time With Abba." Abba is your Father or Daddy God. When we are together we will enjoy a time of worship and hearing God's voice! Not only are we going to have fun together, but we are going to have a blast spending time with Abba! Our world is noisy and busy, and time with Abba can be easily passed over. Time with Abba is when you take time out of your day to make an appointment to connect with God. Even Jesus took this time. “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” (Luke 5:16). The bottom line is that you can’t be a healthy Christian without spending time with God. When you spend time with God, you will:

  • Fall in love with him more
  • Receive direction for daily living
  • Have his strength to keep going
  • Grow more like him
Come to the prayer conference with your parents on October 31 and November 1 and let’s learn about prayer together! The good news is, you don’t have to grow up first!

It is our prayer that children will "Experience the Father's Love" and establish an intimate relationship with their heavenly father through daily Time With Abba (TWA). PARENTS have the most DIRECT IMPACT on a child's spiritual formation. While Sunday school teachers can encourage the child to do TWA, parents are the only ones who can guide the child on a daily basis.

Please read the following instructions to assist your child in their daily TWA.

  • Your child should have a personal journal book to record their TWA.
  • Encourage your child to do TWA first thing in the morning. A gentle reminder often helps.
  • Ask the child to read a scripture passage aloud.
  • Then have your child write or draw their favorite verse, prayer, or a picture God shows them in their mind in the journal book.
  • Encourage your child to pray using the passage they read. Your child could commit to pray for a person or a world event on a regular basis.
  • Have your child spend a few minutes to listen to God's answer and then record what God said in their journal.
  • Memorize a Bible verse from the TWA scripture passage every day.

Other Suggested Activities:

  • At breakfast: The whole family could read a passage in Psalms aloud and bless one another using the passage. Parents and children may extend the prayer time on the way to school.
  • At dinnertime: The whole family can read a passage in Proverbs. Discuss life applications. Each person may share his/her own testimonies or struggles related to the passage. Refrain from preaching or giving too many suggestions to the child. Merely use the passage to pray for one another and intercede for others in need.
  • For toddlers and infants who are non-readers: parents or siblings can read the Bible passage. Encourage the child to draw or say a word or phrase from God's revelation. Encourage the child to use the word/phrase/picture to pray. Parents or siblings record his/her prayer. Or lay hands on and bless the child using the passage. You’ll be amazed how God will bless and shape your child according to your prayers.
Don't expect your child to be perfect when you do the above activities. Remember they are kids... they get tired or distracted at times, just like us. There's always a second chance!

May God bless you and your family as you grow together in him and experience his love!

Irma Chon, M.A. in Christian Education/Church Ministries. Irma is the children and youth pastor at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Hilliard and is actively involved in training global leaders in leading children in prayer. Irma believes in teaching the church about the importance of hearing God’s voice. Her passion is to empower families to build their homes upon the strong foundation of God’s Word. She enjoys leading children to know Jesus intimately through prayer.

Register here and come expecting to hear from Abba!