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Last Month in Bangkok

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Danielle* is currently a student at Kasem Bundit University where she is developing relationships and sharing the love of Jesus. Danielle is preparing to return to the States as she completes her two-year apprentice term. She is in dialogue with RMM and plans a return to Thailand as a long-term worker. These are a few of her thoughts and prayer requests as she prepares to return home.

Hello to all in far off lands!

There is so much to tell and so little time, so let’s start with my departure date. I will arrive in America on the 25th of March. I will stay in Columbus for a week of re-entry and processing. Then I will be going home! I am so excited to see my friends and family! As far as future plans, they are still in process and I will fill you in when I know for sure.

Some really cool news is that my friend Rabbit has shown some interest in the Bible. I have this comic book Bible and she read it and asked me questions about it. Previously she showed no interest in anything, and now she is trying to learn a little more. She was telling me that she does not like the approach of the Chinese missionaries because they come and try to force her to say things that she does not want to say. She said that I never tried to force anything on her, but showed her by example. Let’s keep her in our prayers for this and also for when I leave. It will be very hard on her. We are best friends; she does not have a lot of other friends.

Please also pray for my roommate, Organ. She was pretty sad to hear that I will be leaving. She was telling me that she has no one else to really be open and share with who tries to encourage her as well. It is encouraging to see that I am making some differences here.

Another prayer was answered recently! Last week I was able to go with my friend, Emmy, to her home in Korat. It is around four hours away from Bangkok. She had invited me to go before but I had a class that I could not miss. This time I was able to go! It was great to go into the deep country and be in nature. Ice cold bucket showers and hot, lazy afternoons are always nice. I enjoyed hanging out with Emmy and her family.

Classes here are going well. Finals are coming up at the end of February. I feel pretty good about most of them.

I also ask for prayer as I am preparing to leave. I am feeling pretty worn out. I ask that you would pray for vision for the future and my remaining time here. Pray that I would leave the distractions behind and connect with God!

Thank you all and God bless!

*Last name omitted for security reasons.