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Precious in His Sight

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From Karen* on the REACH South Africa team. Karen and her team are working in an orphanage in Johannesburg.

I found out over the weekend that two of the babies in my unit are going back to their parents at the beginning of the year. This is so hard for me to understand… How can parents abandon their children and then change their minds? I’m sure if I heard more of the story, maybe I would understand, but I get upset with a parent who could do that. I was pretty angry about it for the first couple hours, but then I just started praying that God would protect the children and I trust that He does. So, I am praying that these two babies will be able to connect with their families and grow to be people of faith as they go where God wants them to be. I have had an amazing amount of peace about it. There are a number of children who are getting adopted after the beginning of the year, so that is exciting and also hard to know that children I am learning to love so much are going to leave. But, they are also going to their “forever families” and I pray that they have been matched well and that bonds can form quickly in these new environments. I often wonder how a child came to be here, or question how a parent could abandon these beautiful babies. But, the reality is, that isn’t for me to know or question. I can’t do anything about a parent abandoning their child, and even hearing their story isn’t going to change what I can do about it. One thing I can do… I can lift these children up to our Father, and I can trust that He has their lives in His control. I know that He loves each one of these precious babies whom we have been privileged to spend time with during this period of our lives. They are indeed precious in His sight.

*Last name omitted for security reasons.

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