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CMC Comes to Boston

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An exciting development at RMM is the relationship we have been building recently with Tim and Alice Colegrove. Tim and Alice have been living and ministering in Boston, Massachusetts. Both have recently completed graduate degrees—Tim at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and Alice at Boston University—and have been loving and serving homeless young adults who populate the streets near Harvard University. God has been calling the Colegroves in some specific ways in the last year, and RMM is privileged to be part of their journey.

One piece of that calling is about belonging. As Tim and Alice searched for a theological home, they discovered the Anabaptist family. They particularly resonated with the Jesus-centered evangelical Anabaptism that they found in CMC’s understanding of Scripture. So they initiated contact and began to build relationships among us.

A second piece of their calling is about disciple making and church planting. The Colegroves are passionate about seeing a vibrant church take root in New England’s challenging soil. They believe Jesus has plans for his kingdom to come in their Jamaica Plains neighborhood, and they believe that the Anabaptist fortes of authentic and sacrificial community, radical obedience to Jesus, and commitment to a life of peace will address needs they see all around them.

At a time when RMM has moved away from agency-initiated church planting toward more of a catalyzing role to see local churches planting churches, an RMM church plant in Boston may seem to be moving us in a direction counter to that. But we are proceeding with enthusiasm, for the following reasons:

  • Tim and Alice need CMC. They can’t do what God is calling them to do without a larger community who will pray for them and send them some bright young leaders to assist them. We’re also working to help build connections between the Colegroves and the CMC churches that are closest to Boston.
  • CMC needs the Colegroves. Their knowledge and experience in ministry make them a valuable resource to us in an increasingly urban and post-Christian America. We have been a rural people mostly, and can benefit from greater exposure to the challenges and needs of our cities. I’m grateful that God has brought our paths together.

So together, we’re inviting Boston to worship Jesus. I invite you to pray for this new venture. And I pray that some of you will move to Boston and contribute your sweat and tears to see God’s kingdom come there.

-Joe,* RMM president

Mission Statement:
Tim and Alice Colegrove are long-time residents of Boston, Massachusetts, where they serve with RMM as stateside church planters. Their vision is to plant a diverse evangelical Anabaptist church in the city of Boston. In a city where 40% of the population does not identify as Christian, they hope to assemble a worshipping community committed to following Jesus’ way of simplicity, hospitality, prayer, and peace.

Who are the Colegroves?
Tim has spent the last six years engaged in community development, street outreach, and peacemaking work. In addition to his work as a church planter, he is employed part-time as IT staff for a local university. Tim holds his Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Alice has her Doctorate in Public Health from Boston University and brings a wealth of experience in community planning and program development. Over the past fifteen years she has had the privilege of speaking at a variety of forums including: The International Conference on AIDS, the National Public Health Association, the Harvard Veritas forum, and the Christian Community Development Association.

Tim and Alice are the parents of two boys, River (3) and Eli (1). River is a wild little man who loves to wrestle and play music. Eli just learned how to walk! For fun as a family, they love to go picnic at the free symphonies at the Park and can often be found in a local cafe or used bookstore.

Tim and Alice are currently seeking persons within the CMC who might be interested in relocating to Boston and working alongside them to make this dream a reality. If their vision resonates with you, please contact them at

*Names omitted for security