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An Invitation to Pray

Today there is a group of people (RMM staff, board members, and other interested individuals) flying to the Middle East to spend time with our workers, become familiar with the region through travel and input, and spend concentrated time discussing issues in bi-annual regional director meetings.

Following are prayer requests from Jay Martin, Mediterranean regional director:

  1. We want to bless and encourage both local and foreign laborers in the harvest by listening to them and praying for them especially the first five days of traveling in the south and east.
  2. Pray that logistical details will work out as we travel: flights, connections, meeting with people, divine encounters.
  3. Health for the travelers and also the families and businesses left behind.
  4. Join us in prayer for an anointed time of studying the word and seeking the face of God for an unprecedented awakening in this nation.
  5. For protection from the enemies of the cross.
  6. For us to hear the voice of God as we reflect together on what he has done (during the past three decades), is doing, and wants to do in these tumultuous times in this part of the world. May his reign of peace and righteousness be established.