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Update from Joe & Lynn in Bangkok

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An excerpt from Joe and Lynn’s* December 2013 newsletter

We have been working hard at trying to see what the next three years will be like for us here in Thailand. We've decided to move toward business as missions. Our first two years were exploratory and feel we have found our groove, yet there is still a lot of work to do. Lynn has re-opened Lynn Michelle Design, creating a line of baby products as well as all-natural laundry soap. We are selling at local markets and will be getting our business licensed. I am “the help.” Whatever Lynn needs help with, I try to do. We want to live the light of Christ as people doing business in this city. We are excited about this! It will take time to be self-sufficient. So, we greatly appreciate your support and hope that with each year, we can support ourselves more and more.

I (Joe) have started a website to continue my goal of being involved in the health and running community of Bangkok. I will be writing a few small eBooks along the way to help fund ourselves, and share what Jesus is doing in my life. Through the site, I started a meet-up to discuss physical and spiritual health. The group is small. We’ve met four times so far and are of various religious beliefs; it will be interesting to see how God leads the group as I find opportunities to share.

Please pray for us we continue to discern what God has directed for our time in Thailand and how we are to move forward here.

Please pray for…

  • Lynn, Brennan and Khruu (a Thai friend who is currently living with the family) who will be in NY and Ohio over Christmas and New Year’s. Pray for safe travels and a good trip for Khruu.
  • Business ventures—that they are fruitful in the marketplace and in God’s Kingdom.
  • Our friends—that they will give Jesus a chance.
  • Joe and Lynn as we raise funds for the upcoming three-year term.
  • Our family—that we continue to communicate well and are drawn closer together.
  • Brennan as he makes the transition to homeschooling in January. Pray that we are patient and can coordinate our schedules well.
  • Planning– as we work on the schedule for our two-month home assignment in March – April 2014.

*Last name omitted for security reasons.