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A Story of Multiplication

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Josiah,* an RMM worker in North Africa, sent this note as part of the family’s update earlier this month.

I returned to our old neighborhood several weeks ago on some errands and stopped in to visit a mechanic friend at the garage where he works. In the course of our conversation, he tried out some English he’d been learning. This young man has completed four years of formal education but has a passion to learn and an ear for language learning in particular. He told me he was taking a class in the neighborhood. Where? I wondered. At the association where you used to teach, he told me. I quizzed him about the books they were using and his teacher. Two young women whom a colleague and I had trained were teaching the class using a curriculum we had arranged for the association to receive. My friend described the interactions in class and the opportunities for speaking and said he was enjoying it a lot.

When we were preparing to teach in that neighborhood nearly five years ago, a development consultant challenged us to think strategically toward capacity building and multiplication. Instead of teaching anyone who was interested, we selected a smaller group of more advanced students. The next year we further honed this group to people who were interested in teaching as they continued to learn through interactive ways. And what my mechanic friend described is precisely what we had hoped would happen: a couple of the people in whom we invested are now teaching beginning students with few opportunities for study after we’ve left the community.

We invite you to pray that other seeds we planted during those years grow and multiply as well.