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Book Recommendation: Risk Is Right

“One of my aims is to explode the myth of safety and to somehow deliver you from the enchantment of security.”– John Piper
Most of us play it safe. We are tempted by the idea of security and cozy living. Insurance policies help us manage risk. But… life is a risk! Living for Christ and being his hands and feet in a world that desperately needs His touch is risky business. The three young Hebrew men, as they were thrown into the furnace said, “Our God will save us. But, even if he doesn’t….” Esther, as she approached the King, not knowing what his response would be, said, “If I perish, I perish!” This little book, Risk is Right, written by John Piper (a quick read at only 64 pages), challenges the reader to go for those things that God has put in your heart to attempt. If you fail, you tried. If you succeed, you forever made a difference. It is better to lose your life than to waste it!

- Paul Kurtz, RMM vice president of new initiatives

Download a free PDF of Risk Is Right by John Piper