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Answer to Prayer from North Africa

About a month ago, we posted a prayer request from Sara and Josiah* in North Africa. Today, we’re happy to report of God’s provision in response to the prayers of many. The following is a note we received from the family this week:

Praise God! We found an apartment!

Let me back up: a week ago we moved into a cramped but furnished apartment at the end of the street of the children's school, a temporary place from which we could continue the housing search. It's on the very edge of the town, "where the sidewalk ends,” a great place for children to explore. Though much of the area is filled with large walled villas, the place we've been staying is on an older lane that feels more like a village with chickens on the run and donkeys meandering by. We had spent the weekend at our apartment an hour away, but returned to the area Sunday evening with the plan of settling for a smaller apartment than what we had hoped to find, but something that would take the pressure off for a while. But while walking home from school with the children on Tuesday, Sara met a neighbor just around the corner from the place where we're staying. She and her husband had a three-bedroom apartment opening at the end of the month with some outdoor play space visible from the kitchen; just what we had hoped for! And next door is the abandoned foundation of a house, perfect for experiments in urban gardening, a home for my pigeons, future rabbits, etc. Several neighbor women have been very welcoming, inviting the children to play in the future "farm" area where we're staying now.

We're very grateful to have a place to settle into in about a week. Thanks for praying for that. The transition for the children to a new school has been going well, with the normal frustrations of adjusting to a new place. We invite you to pray that our children—and we—be agents of blessing as we interact with staff and students there. Sara is planning a visit with women from the health class, and I made contact with several of our project partners a week ago. We're figuring out how to make these visits, now much closer but without the support of coworkers that we've relied on in the past. Please ask for wisdom and grace as we work out the “new normal.”

Grace and peace, Josiah and Sara*

*Names changes for security reasons.