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Everyone Survived: Update from David Maundu

We received the follow email from David Maundu shortly after Everyone Survived: REACH Alumni Look Back at the First Year of REACH was finalized and ready for publication. We were not able to include any of his comments with the original article, but wanted to make it available for those who are interested.

I joined the pilot REACH Program in April, 1992. It was our hope that our church in Thika, Kenya could start a similar program after the training. The Kenyan program which is called The International School of Missions (ISOM) started in 1999. Two of my children have now been through the training.

REACH training was one of the highlights of my life. I am thankful to God that I was given the opportunity to travel by air to a foreign country. The exposure to discipleship training was awesome. We also had wonderful times of praise and worship before every session led by our Director, Paul Kurtz, playing the guitar, assisted by Chad Miller, a fellow REACHER.

The only difficult memory I have was the run we were required to take every morning. On my first run, I ran too fast, and my legs were in terrible pain for a whole week. This taught me the lesson that in running you shouldn’t run very fast on the first day! Instead, you need to prepare the body and adapt slowly to running.

The REACH Program impacted to my life in diverse ways. It deepened my prayer and devotional life with God and also my relationships with my beloved brethren. Evangelism was the core of our discipleship training in REACH. Since them, I have utilized that training as I have been involved in outreach activities in different parts of my country. I have also been to Uganda [a neighbor to the west] twice. I have taught evangelism to our School of Missions students as they prepare for outreach to countries such as Zambia, Malawi, and Uganda, just to mention a few.

Many other things have changed in my life since REACH. Before REACH, I was a librarian working at the Kenya National Library. I had trained up to a certificate level at that time. After REACH, my employer sponsored me for a 3 year diploma in information science. My current job is Librarian with the Kenya National Library at the head office.

In addition, before REACH I had a family of three daughters with my wife whom I married March 29, 1986. Later our family increased to five children: Esther, Grace, Elizabeth, Ruth and Paul. They are all through high school now and are looking forward to pursuing university educations.

Before REACH and since, I have been a part of Christian Church International, Thika. I have been an elder on the church council and have been involved in the evangelism board of the church, planning and participating in citywide gospel outreaches. This has also enabled me to join evangelists to Uganda in 2011/2012 as well as attending training on reaching people groups in Kenya with no known believers or church among them. We were able to show the Jesus film in their native language. It was very exciting to see their response. We are currently involved in a mission outreach to Tanzania, our neighboring country.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to share what God has done in my life through REACH and since REACH. God bless all of you!