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An Urgent Request for Prayer

Josiah, Sara and their five young children returned to North Africa on August 26. Their return includes an immediate move into a new area. Please join us in fervently praying for spiritual protection, for housing, for peace in God’s purposes, and for the spiritually needy to find Jesus.

Request from Josiah and Sara:

One of our long term goals in moving to North Africa was to be located in the region of the language that we’ve been studying. In our current city, we live in a neighborhood with many of these speakers, but our new location will put us closer to the areas where we’ve been working over the last two years in holistic community development. We’ll also be located closer to the other RMM family who arrived a year ago.

We return with a number of unknowns that we would appreciate prayer for. The most significant is housing. We’ve enrolled our children in a school that we think will be a good fit for them and we’ll be trying to identify housing close to that school. We also ask that people pray for the children’s transition, that they will be able to form new friendships and good relationships with teachers.

Please pray that we find a place that’s a good blend of the space that we need but also welcoming neighbors and a feeling of community. This is a region known for prostitution. One community leader estimated that in a town in the region, 80% hire prostitutes. Other issues are forced labor and lack of access to good healthcare. When we go into these areas, we like to prepare the area with prayer because of the sense of spiritual darkness that we experience. Prayer is essential. Pray for protection for our family.

We have been warmly welcomed to the area by locals and have received much hospitality. Sara enjoys relating to women there in the context of her work, visiting in homes over cups of tea and pastries. The local people have extended beautiful hospitality to us. Pray that we continue to have an open door into these homes and positive relationships. It’s a beautiful town as well—there are mountains, cedar forests, and four seasons which we look forward to experiencing.

*Names have been changed for security purposes. We are also unable to post specifics in regard to location or job description. Thanks for your understanding.