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Heading East and West

The summers of 2011 and 2012 found a team of REACH alumni traversing the Midwest to help staff several summer camps. The reality both years was there were more camps than there was team to go around. This summer RMM joined forces with Rosedale Bible College to create two teams—each having a mixture of REACH and RBC alumni. These teams will be sharing their gifts in counseling, worship leading, teaching, and everything else from A-Z that camp staff do. We invite you to pray that these teams will experience stamina throughout a grueling summer schedule, for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and for wisdom and direction as they relate to many youth throughout the summer.

Team USA East   Team USA West
Philip, Karl, Brennan (leader) and Danny Audrey, Zach (leader), Josh and Kandace
June 10-29 Bethel Mennonite Camp, KY
July 7-12 Oak Dale Mennonite Church VBS, PA
July 13-19 Camp Deerpark, NY
July 24-27 Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, PA
August 1-4 CMC Annual Conference, PA
June 10-15 LIFT at Rosedale Bible College, OH
June 16-22 Camp Luz, OH
June 22-28 Camp Buckeye, OH
July 7-12  Bible Memory Camp, IN
July 13-19  Menno Haven Camp, IL
July 21 Oasis Mennonite Church, KY
July 22-27 Bethel Mennonite Camp, KY
August 1-4 CMC Annual Conference, PA