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A New Home in Phakahanong


Praise Report from Joe and Lynn, Bangkok, Thailand:

We are so excited to move into our new home! It has been a journey for us to find the place we feel God really wanted us to be and we are so grateful.

Our last apartment was across the street from our son Brennan’s school, making it very convenient for us to get him back and forth. The problem: it was a studio (a one room apartment with a bathroom). We had to fit three people and sewing machines and everything else into one room. It was an experiment in living small. I won’t say that it failed, but I will say the experiment ran its course in about six months. We needed more space. We liked the neighborhood because it seemed so full of activity, but our neighbors were so busy it was hard to get to know anyone. Everyone was always on their way to somewhere else. Also, we thought condo living would put us close to neighbors so we could get to know them. In hindsight we were wrong. It separated us actually. People who live in condos want privacy. It was frustrating. So we prayed and looked for a new place. Guess what? We found it!

We knew God wanted us to look into some small business ideas and we wanted more space in order to try some gardening and to be more hospitable. I walked many kilometers looking for a home for us. Nothing was working out. Then Lynn stumbled across a home on the internet within our budget. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a lot of space for our small business ideas. Our bedroom is the size of our old condo. Literally. We met a few neighbors who seem really nice and welcoming. We were also thankful that we were able to find someone to take over our old lease on the condo and get our security deposit back. So here we are in our new home where we’ve been since the beginning of July. We enjoy the space and are still adjusting.

002.JPGPrayer Requests:
1. That our home is a place of hospitality for friends and neighbors and that people meet Jesus and experience his love here.
2. For Brennan. I think the move is stressful and he is adjusting to sleeping in his own room. Growing pains.
3. That God would bless our small business ideas so that we can meet new people and partially support ourselves as well.