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Disciples Making Disciples

RMM’s Thailand team is working in Bangkok to try to start fellowships of believers there. Now they are seeing some exciting results from their work—in a neighboring country. Several people, including Pon and his friend Lan, came to faith and participated in the house church led by the team in Bangkok. They have since moved back to their home country. Tom* sent in the following report about recent events there:

On Sunday afternoon, April 14, Lan and Pon, along with some church leaders who came in from outside the village, baptized Lan's older sister and Pon's older brother. These are the first baptisms to be held in this village. This is a significant and exciting step as it marks the foundation of a small fellowship in the village.

They went in boats to a small island in the Mekong River for the baptisms. Some of the other people in the villages knew what was going on, but not many. Believers from a nearby village came to support and encourage them.

Lan's older sister has been very bold in talking about her new faith. Both Pon and Lan report there are many other people in the village who are curious about Jesus and even interested in learning more. But they are waiting to see what will happen to this small group of new believers. These potential seekers are also wrestling with the implications of following Jesus—what would it mean for their continued participation in the culture and activities of the village?

The situation is complex and it's hard for us to fully understand all of the dynamics. There are several layers of political or police authority—from the national government down to the local village leaders. Any one of them can cause problems for Christians if they want to—or if the other villagers complain to them. So, it's difficult for a small village church to meet regularly. Even if they get permission from one source, there are other people with power who can step in and stop them.

Lan has also been talking with Boon, a young man from his home country who is working in Thailand. When Boon heard about Lan's faith, he was interested and asked questions. Lan had me send him a Bible and he's been reading it and sharing with his wife.

Boon's wife is from a village that worships spirits. Boon was worried about this because he didn't want to worship them. (This would be the expectation since he's married into that tribal group and they hope to live there.) As he found out about Jesus he decided this was the answer. Since this process started, he and Lan had never met face-to-face. At one point Boon lost his phone and Lan couldn't contact him. He was worried about this and prayed a lot for Boon.

Eventually Boon got back in touch and they made plans to meet. Boon asked a lot of questions, Lan did a lot of explaining, and at the end of the conversation Boon asked to be baptized. His wife wasn't ready that day but Lan thinks she will be soon. So Lan, Boon and Nixson (one of the Latin American workers in Bangkok) walked through the rain to the river and baptized him!

Praise God for these baptisms, and pray for those in the village as they decide how to meet for Bible study and worship. Pray for protection from the enemy’s plans, for joy in their new life, and for endurance in the face of suspicion and ridicule.

*We want to avoid making new believers and seekers in other countries feel like “projects,” so we have omitted Tom’s last name for privacy. Find out more about our Thailand team on the “workers” page on our website.