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Sounds of Southeast Asia

Although people all around the world can hear American music in coffee shops, malls, and on radio stations, people in the United States are usually stuck listening to their own music (or a few hits from Europe). For those interested in broadening their musical horizons a little, the two songs to the right are a sample of some music from Southeast Asia.

These songs were recorded by Pon, who was part of the fellowship RMM workers started in Bangkok, Thailand. He has moved back to his native country, which borders Thailand, but still relates to the team and has a vision to spread the kingdom of God there. While he was in Bangkok, he used his musical ability in leading worship for the meetings and introduced the team to Thai worship songs.

His music career is currently on hold because he has opened a sushi business, but in the past he worked as a singer in Bangkok restaurants, and entered a singing contest on a Thai cable TV station, making it to the final six before being eliminated. During the show, he had a chance to talk about his faith in God.

He continued singing occasionally at parties and festivals. A producer heard him sing and asked him to record an album of original songs. One of them even became the most-requested song on a local radio station for a while!