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Help Wanted

By Andrew Sharp
Staff Writer

Journalist, programmer, internal audit manager, engineer, payroll specialist, English teacher: which of these is a job for a missionary? All of them, according to Tom,* who leads RMM’s team in Bangkok, Thailand. “English teacher” might be the more traditional answer, and in fact that’s what Tom does. But those who are interested in helping RMM plant churches in Thailand can use many different skills in the growing Bangkok economy. “The huge city of Bangkok presents a wealth of opportunities for Christian professionals to work, live, and minister in this spiritually needy context,” Tom said.

Two websites that list opportunities include thailand.xpatjobs.com and jobsdb.com.

Of course, teaching English is certainly an option. “Thailand has endless opportunities for English teachers with college degrees,” Tom said, because the Thai government is making a strong effort to improve the English proficiency of Thai students. There are opportunities to teach in elementary schools, high schools, universities, and in private tutoring schools. A website that has a lot of information about how to get started and what to expect is ajarn.com.

Assumption University, a Catholic school in Bangkok, is currently recruiting teachers with bachelors degrees in English or education. Students at the university can study for a masters degree for free while teaching in the undergraduate program.

English teachers can also work in neighboring countries where there are many opportunities to share one's faith. “We'd love to have someone in these countries who could disciple young believers while working as an English teacher at an English language tutoring center,” Tom said.

The opportunities aren’t just for those who already have careers or college degrees, though. Thailand has several high-quality universities that provide internationally recognized bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees at a fraction of the equivalent cost in the United States, including Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok University, and Assumption University. RMM's team would welcome university students who could live on campus and develop natural relationships with Thai students. “These campuses are great places to form ‘simple churches,’” Tom said. “Our team is ready to mentor and support students who are involved in this kind of ministry.”

In June, Tom and his wife Candice and their family plan to move to the States for two years before returning to Thailand. One of their goals during that time will be to find others who want to work in Thailand with them. “If anyone is interested in starting that conversation we'd love to talk to them,” Tom said.

* We want to avoid making new believers and seekers in other countries feel like “projects,” so we have omitted Tom’s last name for privacy. Find out more about Tom and Candice on the “workers” page on our website.

For more information about these opportunities, e-mail tomcandice@gmail.com.