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Encouraging and Disappointing

Excerpts from the REACH North Africa team blog posted January 29, 2013
By D*

Hello everyone. Life here been crazy, fun, challenging, good, bad, and just about everything in between. Our Guide has been really good to us this month. This is the end of month two of life here in the city. In exactly one week and one day we will be packing up our packs and jumping on a bus. Destination: mountains.

We will officially start our time as nomads. We have been doing a lot of preparatory work, and this time has been long awaited. We have continued studying language hard, attempting to acquire maps of places we would like to go, and learning about the people of this land.

Language has officially come to a close for us as of today. We have studied hard and are gaining lots of excitement for the chance to use our language, or at least attempt to use it. We have been doing a lot of preparing, and anticipation for the trekking has never been higher!

These last few weeks have brought some fun opportunities for me personally. One of my friends offered a few weeks ago to show me the place where he works out. This has turned into joining the gym with him. We go to the gym to get sore, tired, and sweaty most evenings. It has been an awesome way to get to know this guy. Our Guide has really been working in this situation, and bringing up chances for me to talk with him about my story.

Our Guide has been teaching us a lot about living lives of prayer. Praying for our friends and lifting them up to him is one of the best things we can do. We can try all we want, but we are not the ones who change people and draw them to the Father. Being able to talk a lot more about my life and beliefs has been a huge help. I have been asking our Guide a lot for chances to talk about why I love him, and it has been happening. It has been a really good thing and a big encouragement but also disappointing. I have a whole new realization of how deep Islam runs in this country. The people I have talked to are all very set in what they have been taught. It seems like they are willing to listen, but not really willing to actually consider what I am saying. While this has been frustrating for me, I feel like our Guide is teaching me a lot about prayer through this. So we have been really trying to learn a lot from this and take advantage of every moment we have here. Thanks so much for the support.



*Name withheld for security.

Note: the North Africa team has now completed an introductory four-day trek into the mountains, where they stayed with local villagers. To follow their adventures and read more REACH blogs, visit the team blog page here.