February 23, 2018

Eyes on the Invisible

By Sarah,* RMM worker in North Africa

Recently, I have been thinking about what it looks like to maintain and grow in our relationship with Jesus when our lives are full of the ordinary and seemingly insignificant details that feel unrelated to the Kingdom. How do I keep my eyes on the invisible when my life is full of the beautiful busyness of being a mom of five – keeping track of all the logistics of mealtimes, snacks, books for school, and bedtime routines? “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory” (Colossians 3:1). I try to focus on him as I pick up the tiny Lego pieces for the umpteenth time, as I pack the second snack for the day, hang up the next load of laundry or begin homeschool with our oldest daughter. I know this is all related to the Kingdom and the effort that I put into any of these tasks and into the relationships of those closest to me reveals my desire to be like him, but these are all the visible realities of my life.

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February 22, 2018

Introducing Paige: SEND Administrative Assistant Intern

By Lydia Gingerich

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing our 2018 SEND Interns. This group of seven REACH graduates will spend the year deepening their relationship to God and his Kingdom through serving at the RIC and being discipled by the SEND Department. RMM is grateful for their hard work and is excited to see them grow this year.

Paige, from Hartville, Ohio, joins the SEND Intern team as the administrative assistant. She helps with paperwork, mailing, and finances for both City Challenge and REACH.

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“Greetings from Granada, Spain!”

By Rolando and Andrea, RMM workers in Spain

Rolando and Andrea moved with their two sons to Granada, Spain, in January 2018. Before moving, Andrea taught Spanish and ESL to high schoolers while Rolando discipled men who had been incarcerated. Read more of their story here.

Greetings from Granada, Spain! We arrived safely on January 12 and are slowly getting used to so many new sights, smells, and sounds of our new home city. Since we arrived here, we’ve been staying at a hostel in the city center, where we also have access to a kitchen in a neighboring apartment. We will be moving to an apartment at the beginning of February. Wilmer and Daniel started school last week, Andrea starts her Hispanic studies classes this week, and Rolando is looking into how he can visit the local prison, among other things.

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February 20, 2018

Introducing Grant: SEND Outreach Coordinator

By Lydia Gingerich

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing our 2018 SEND Interns. This group of seven REACH graduates will spend the year deepening their relationship to God and his Kingdom through serving at the RIC and being discipled by the SEND Department. RMM is grateful for their hard work and is excited to see them grow this year.

Grant from Hartville, Ohio, serves as this year’s outreach coordinator. In this role, Grant contacts numerous outreach locations within Columbus, organizing service groups for both City Challenge and REACH.

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February 16, 2018

Introducing Brenda: SEND Food Services Assistant

By Lydia Gingerich

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing our 2018 SEND Interns. This group of seven REACH graduates will spend the year deepening their relationship to God and his Kingdom through serving at the RIC and being discipled by the SEND Department. RMM is grateful for their hard work and is excited to see them grow this year.

Brenda Miller, the 2018 food services assistant from Sugarcreek, Ohio, is excited to learn about meal preparation and planning as she helps the RIC food services manager, Susannah Cotman.

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February 15, 2018

Dismantling the View of Missionaries as Super-Saints

By Colleen, RMM Director of Human Resources and Calibrate Facilitator

Miraculous healings. Hundreds coming to Jesus at one time. Explosive church growth. These kinds of stories can cause us to put missionaries on a pedestal – a position of super spirituality and near perfection. I felt that pressure as an overseas worker. I lived with the burden of high expectations and often wrestled with knowing how to communicate my own disappointments, struggles, and fears to supporters. I often thought, “If I am honest, will people lose their trust in my ability to live here and do this job? Don’t they only want to hear good news and miraculous accounts?” These doubts were used as accusations from the enemy trying to convince me that I was not worthy of the calling and was not living up to the highest standard.

Enormous courage is required to share vulnerably from a pedestal position that was never desired in the first place. I did not choose to share the gospel in Ecuador or Thailand because I thought I could do it better than anyone else. I recognized my own weaknesses and even pointed them out to God. Yet, I could not deny the call to obey and make disciples of all nations. I know I am not alone in this. In my current position at RMM, I am privileged to care for and support our field workers. I hear their struggles, I see their pain, and I understand the pressure they feel to fully meet all of the needs around them.

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February 13, 2018

Introducing New Property Manager

By Lydia Gingerich

RMM is excited to introduce Kegan Yoder as the full-time property manager of the RIC. Kegan began this role at the end of January 2018.

Kegan currently lives in his hometown of Plain City, Ohio, but since graduating high school he has spent time in Virginia attending Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), and in Arizona volunteering with Aim Right Ministries. Interested in the idea of combining service with business, Kegan studied business administration at EMU. After graduating college in 2016, he spent a year with Aim Right Ministries, an urban youth ministry near downtown Phoenix. While there he led Bible studies, ran a mobile food pantry, and assisted in other community programs.

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February 06, 2018

A Day in the Life of a Mama

By Opal,* RMM worker in North Africa

In many ways my life as a mama here has not changed from the life I would lead as a mama there, but some glimpses into my days might show slight variations. Look into the window of my day…

Every day I think about food. At least one day a week, I walk with Raleigh* to the fresh market. We often stop at the cubicle which houses two men and a cage full of chickens, “a one pound chicken please.” It will be warm when we pick it up in a few minutes. We move on to the cubicle of Mohammed and Hamid. Vegetables are heaped all around. They hand us plastic bowls to fill and place on the scales (weights still made of heavy metal on one side). We choose a cabbage, potatoes, onions, peppers, peas/beans, parsley, and pumpkin (which they cut off from a massive pumpkin sitting on the old, wooden counter). We return to pick up the chicken and sometimes we add a kilo or two of sardines which someone has scaled and cleaned for us. Then we head home again to wash, peel, store, and cook meals from scratch. Right now, my laptop sits on the kitchen table and I juggle lunch prep, typing, and a one-year-old who will get into everything messy that she can!

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February 05, 2018

Introducing Sarah: SEND Hospitality Assistant

By Lydia Gingerich

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing our 2018 SEND Interns. This group of seven REACH graduates will spend the year deepening their relationship to God and his Kingdom through serving at the RIC and being discipled by the SEND Department. RMM is grateful for their hard work and is excited to see them grow this year.

Sarah is from Millersburg, Ohio, and was on the REACH 2016-17 Team Eurasia. She is one of the hospitality assistants with duties like making beds, cleaning bathrooms, and hosting groups who come to the RIC. When Sarah is not working, she likes to take naps, read, or journal. In her few weeks at the RIC, Sarah has enjoyed getting to know the other interns during their late-night chats over cereal.

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February 01, 2018

A Response to Pov.ology

By Candice, RMM worker in Thailand

We climb the concrete stairs of the pedestrian bridge, my mind on the long list of items my family needs from the grocery store. On the landing sits a small puddle of humanity, dressed in rags with beseeching eyes, her cup held out to me, holding me with her eyes. Further out on the bridge I find a man cooking eggs over coals; I buy two and some noodles. My daughter runs back to give them to the lady and we continue on our way to fill our cart with groceries. The guilt follows us. How can we be comfortable in our blessed state when there are those with deformities and open sores and hunger and lack sitting on the stairs? Poverty is all around – asking us for a response. What will it be?

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January 30, 2018

Encouraging Epiphany: A REACH Update

By Bri, Team Montana

This past week we continued following our normal schedule. We did, however, switch things up a little bit for Wednesday night youth group. Most of the time we split up and go to three different youth groups, but instead, we all came together for a volleyball night.

Team Montana and some others played against the youth group that I usually attend. The youth group is almost all girls, most of whom have played volleyball only a handful of times, but they were still willing to give it a try. Our team ended up getting beat. I’m not going to lie, it hurt my pride a bit because most of us had played volleyball many times before that. Something about how the other team played together really intrigued me. They were encouraging each other and cheering each other on the whole game. Normally they are a fairly quiet bunch, but that night they were filling the tiny gym with their not-so-tiny voices.

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January 24, 2018

Open Doors: Three Stories of God’s Provision

The following are three reports from both long and short-term RMM workers who are seeing God create opportunities for them in their different locations. Praise God for letting us be a part of growing his Kingdom!


By Jonatan

I have been helping some of the new Chinese students learn the Thai language because when they come to the university they do not speak Thai. It is very difficult for them when they try to communicate with people and when they want to buy something or order food. So every evening I help them with homework and practicing speaking.

Helping with Thai language has opened doors for me to get closer with Chinese students and build stronger friendships. It is a good opportunity to show Jesus’ love and to be a light and a testimony for them with my behavior. I am also looking for opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus more openly.

Please pray for all of the work here in Thailand. Pray for all of my friends at the university – that God would continue working in their hearts, and for me, that I can have a good testimony for them.

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January 23, 2018

Luke and Robyn Spaulding: SEND Program Facilitators

By Lydia Gingerich

RMM excitedly welcomes two new staff members to fill the role of SEND program facilitators: Luke and Robyn Spaulding. In the past, Luke and Robyn have both been involved with the SEND Department as REACH participants (2013-2014), Luke as a team leader (2014-2015), and Robyn as a SEND intern (2015). They enjoyed the community they experienced at the Rosedale International Center (RIC) and look forward to joining the staff as program facilitators.

After getting married in 2016, the Spauldings spent the last year and a half in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Luke held a job in construction and Robyn helped teach a preschool class and worked at a coffee shop. Luke and Robyn like to spend their time together drinking coffee, running (usually on treadmills at this time of the year), and exploring new restaurants.

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January 18, 2018

To Wash His Face: A REACH Update

By Kara, REACH Team Indochina

With language school wrapped up, we had the opportunity to travel to the southern part of the country to spend some time visiting a teammate’s family who live and own a water filter factory down there.

Our first day was spent being shown around the factory and observing the filter-making process. The simple-looking clay pots prove to be of greater value and intricacy than they outwardly appear. Not only is their construction handled with delicate precision, but so also are the opportunities to invest in all those whose lives these filters enter, whether that’s the workers who mold them or the villagers to whom they are sold. The filters provide jobs for locals, prevent disease in increasingly distant and rural areas of the country, and have even enabled those with a third-grade education to become scientific technicians in the factory lab! However, possibly the most incredible part of the business is what was conveyed to us as “washing the face of the Son.”

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January 16, 2018

Jesus Loves the Little Children

By Nixson, RMM worker in Thailand

In this second update from Bangkok, Nixson shares about the eye-opening experience of teaching children at a local elementary school.

Since starting to teach in May, I am understanding more and more the reasons most Thai people do not respond to the gospel in a positive way and how Buddhism is so deeply engrained in the culture. Every morning the children spend between one and two hours learning from a Buddhist monk and praying and chanting to Buddha. There is a chant they all have memorized that they say every day: “Buddhism is our religion and we will be Buddhist wherever we go. Buddha is not here anymore, but we are his disciples and will follow his teachings.” It is sad for me to hear the students say this every day, and it helps me realize why it is so hard for them to accept the truth of Jesus. Buddhist teachings are taught to them from the time they are young, so there are deep roots in their lives.

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January 12, 2018

The Greatest Commandment: A REACH Update

By Paige, REACH Team Mediterranean

My whole life I thought that serving the Father meant I had to do all these great things like build a school, work in an orphanage on the other side of the world, teach English, etc; and yes, those are all awesome ways to serve and love, and people are called to that, but I often thought of those things as the only way to serve. I discounted the value and importance of simply loving people and building strong relationships through everyday life where my feet are. Though we have had some things to do this past month of being in Spain, our main thing has been building relationships with people and seeking to encourage and support them. At times, I would do the whole comparison thing (I finally understand the quote, “comparison is the thief of joy”) and would get discouraged because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough or as much as other people.

Thankfully, on my day off this week, I took most of the day to listen to what the Father had to say about it all and he, of course, was faithful to speak truth to my heart.

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January 09, 2018

Called To A Rounded Perspective

By Jada, RMM worker in Thailand

"God, allow my heart to break for these men as well as the women." This is the prayer Jada found herself praying after a few months of working with victims of human slavery in Thailand. Jada joined RMM’s team in Bangkok in September 2017, and recently wrote about her work to bring freedom and light to this dark industry. She felt herself being challenged to look at the root of the issue: broken men who are looking to fill a void. In this first update from Thailand, Jada shares two stories that help her love these men, knowing they need God’s salvation just as much as their victims.

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December 19, 2017

A Different Kind of Normal: A REACH Update

By Shontel, Team Indochina

I expected my life in another country to feel extraordinary in some way, but I’m learning that life here feels just as normal as life in the United States.

Take today as an example. I woke up at 6:30. Before breakfast, I sat outside and spent time speaking to my father and reading. Then I got ready for language school. Breakfast was a bagel and fruit. My team left the house at 8:00 in time to catch our ride to school. After class, we walked to get lunch at a nearby restaurant. Once lunch was finished, we walked home and spent the afternoon playing games together, socializing with our landlord and grocery shopping. Before dinner, we walked to a nearby school to organize and take inventory in a kindergarten classroom. I cooked dinner at home. After dinner, we played games and watched a video sermon, then stayed up late talking.

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December 18, 2017

Baptisms in Southeast Asia

RMM recently received news of four baptisms in the villages of Southeast Asia. The local disciple-making team held a service in a rice field, baptizing the daughter and son of two different team members and another young woman who does not have believing parents. The next day the team baptized a man from the only believing family in a nearby village. Praise God for bringing more people into his Kingdom, and pray for continued multiplication in this country.

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December 15, 2017

Multiplication in Action: The Story of One Planted Church

By Lydia Gingerich

RMM is excited to be part of CMC’s new commitment to multiply disciples and churches, not only internationally but here in North America as well. Larry Kaufman leads a team that is helping to move us from ideas to action. The following story recounts what God is doing through a group of young adults who have moved from idea to action in Columbus, Ohio. Many of these people were students at Rosedale Bible College and are now working together to see what God will multiply through them.

Quiet Beginnings

As I walked down the steps into the basement of the apartment building next to mine, I was reminded of the missionary stories my parents read to me growing up. The midnight meetings underground had a specific anxious and exciting feel to them that I detected in myself as I entered the room full of my dear brothers and sisters. We had been talking about this “church plant” for a while, but it felt more real now that we were having a scheduled meeting with a typed outline and several older and wiser folks dispersed among the circle.

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